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Geek Buds Social: We are always open to sponsoring events that we feel fit and mesh with our company, If you are hosting an event and think GeekBuds might be a fit for what your doing let us know about it. 

GeekBuds Skateboarding: is currently looking to add a few members to our skate team. Do you think you have what it takes to ride for GeekBuds? If so send your sponsor me video to

Also be sure to check out GeekBuds Skateboarding

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Skateboarding Sponsor Me Video Guidelines:

Video must be self hosted, we do not accept ANY downloadable files or hard copies. Best place to do this is YouTube. 

Please make your video between 90-120 seconds long and would prefer a raw video with no music. Also we always favor videos that Skate a full run or at least a few tricks in a row over a bunch of edited random clips. 

Hint: We are looking for originality and personality for our team.