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"Everything is possible! As long as you take action"

In the spring of 2015 Cody and his wife, Norah were at their home in Spokane, Washington contemplating how to create their very own lifestyle brand. The original goal was to create a company where Norah could use her artistic talent to create designs and unique ideas for products in our niche. Tired of shopping at all the cookie cutter stores in the mall Cody and Norah decided to create a product catalog that changes every month and every quarter (REAL Exclusive Products). Norah runs the design department while Cody builds the infrastructure and marketing team to grow the company.

GeekBuds started as a passion project, Norah being a stay at home mom with their four children and Cody already owning two successful companies. GeekBuds limited edition was the perfect business model from the very beginning as it was never been about the profit, never about the maximum dollars that could be squeezed or a room full of share holders that demand higher prices. GeekBuds has always been about quality products and customer experience. Within 3 months GeekBuds moved into their headquarters, a beautiful office in downtown Spokane, Washington. GeekBuds had huge success right out the gate, The initial Skateboarding products were a big hit and even bigger was the line of emoji pillows and other plush. In mid 2016 the emoji line, website and rights where sold.

The goal was a lifestyle company that revolved around the skateboarding, surf, Active Street lifestyle, limited edition products for people who want unique designs. Cody started skateboarding when he was 12 back in 1996. In the 70's, 80's and 90's free expression and being an individual in that time was just normal. Sadly now days it's all about massive big box retail selling the same products to millions of people for years.  

 In a world where everybody owns the same products, mass produced by the same factories, sold in the same big box stores, we thought, "What if we created limited edition designs EVERY month? "

Well I will give you the answer, mass production is much, much, MUCH cheaper in the long run! Also everyone wants MADE IN AMERICA, but many are not willing to pay the extra cost. So mass produced products became the normal standard in America and the world over. 

Now at GeekBuds: 4 new designs are launched EVERY month, usually 12-18 different SKUs total per month and every quarter 4-6 new skateboard designs are launched. Also GeekBuds launches limited edition products through out the year usually in small quantities between 100-500 units per product. Most of which are only sold for one calendar month or until they sell out, which ever comes first and then never sold again. 

GeekBuds started with first writing down ideas for the name, then product names and then product ideas. Then names turned into products and then products where sketched on paper and before Norah knew it she had hew first product line (even the 3 children helped) as of 2016, 4 Children! The company has turned into a lifestyle for the whole family, the kids already talk about taking it over when they grow up. Norah is still in charge of design, she now works remotely from home and while she no longer designs every single product like she did in the beginning she still manages the designers and her input in still in every product. Cody is still the CEO of GeekBuds and while he spends most of his time running his other two companies, he still oversees the direction of GeekBuds. 

"So at its' core what is GeekBuds?"


GeekBuds is nothing more then two words put together to create one name, a project created by a family of 6 to give them one passion to enjoy and create together. A real American family business. Started from the ground up, funded out of their own pocket. GeekBuds now is a small team of amazing people who came together to create something they love. Skateboarding is not a sport, Skateboarding is a lifestyle. One Cody has enjoyed since he was 12 and still skates several times every week. 

GeekBuds is not the most innovative company in the world. GeekBuds did not cure cancer, create world peace or take people to the moon. That said GeekBuds brings smiles to people's face and excitement to people's life when they receive their product, a shirt that is just a little different then any they see friends wearing. A MADE IN AMERICA skateboard that has been hand designed and there are only a few hundred ever produced. Handmade wooden sunglasses produced of top quality bamboo, each pair is slightly unique. Just to name a few things produced by GeekBuds, smile, laugh, get inspired, create, share, LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST! Lifestyle Fun for Everyone. 

GeekBuds Story Told By ~Amanda Swanson 

"All kids have dreams, mine was to be a pro skater. I practiced constantly, day in and day out from 1996-2004. Well I got really really good,I could do most of the tricks I would see in the magazines and in the videos but good is not good enough, you need to be great, you need to be one in a million. As good as I was, as many tricks as I could land when I was at my best I was never great. Years later I found my greatness, being an entrepreneur was my thing. I created several FAILED companies but the one thing I have always had is a work ethic that is almost un matched and will work around the clock 7 days a week at a rapid pace if needed.

So I decided to do just that, the only thing I was ever good at, just work, work, work. Well because of my tireless work I have also had a few that have been very successful. Created my own American dream. Living a very comfortable life and being able to do what I want when I want.  It's funny how life works, after having lots of success in eCommerce selling all kinds of products and growing a very successful company it all lead me back to skateboarding and the life I thought I failed at back in 2004. It's just not in the way I would have ever imagined and in my 20's I just could never see past what I though I wanted and not what the best direction was. My goal was to be a pro skater, skate in events, live that life. Well now I get to sponsor skaters, sponsor events and make other peoples dreams come true. After several years of skating very little I now skate all the time, mostly with the kids, they all seem to really love it the way I did and it's amazing seeing them learn tricks that I learned 20 years ago.  

All kids have dreams, mine was to be a pro skater, well in the end, it has worked out better then I ever imagined!" ~Cody