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Wrapping up 2016 Geekbuds Style

Wrapping up 2016 Geekbuds Style

Here we are wrapping up 2016 at Geekbuds and so excited for what 2017 has to bring. This has been a very busy year of change, preparation, and innovation of our company and striving to always bring our best in whatever we do.

As most of you know we welcomed our 4th child in May 2016 and as that brought a few challenges to the progress of our company, it has been a learning year and we have really gotten a direction where we want to take Geekbuds in the future after reflecting over everything. We will be launching our new skateboard designs, t-shirt designs and as we move into more of a lifestyle company, we are happy to be bringing even more new and exciting products into the coming future.

Some of the plans in 2017 include more travel to events to reach a larger demographic of people that can enjoy our products. We really want to get our company and the name, Geekbuds to get out there and be everywhere. We believe in this company so much that we will do what we can to get the word out and reach out to everyone. This company is an investment and really a big part of our future. 

It's awesome that all 4 of our kids are involved in Geekbuds in some way and that this is something we can do as a family. It is so important to include your family in all that you do and it is awesome that they can see entrepreneurship in full effect at such young ages. 

We really appreciate all of your support and so glad so many have been on the journey with us this far. You all have been amazing and we are excited to show you what else will be coming in Geekbuds. You are all truly an important part of the company and we are so excited to grow even more and want to see our products all over the world! We have huge goals and dreams and we know that we can achieve them and make it happen.