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Flavor of the Month!

Here at Geekbuds, we are committed to bringing you new and interesting products, so we have decided to do different designs on t-shirts every month! As you may have seen already, January has already brought some awesome designs that kind of fit into the theme of the New Year. We are currently showcasing the 99 Problems and They are ALL Carbs, A New Year, A New Choice, Life is Hard, Eat a Carb, and Monster Motivation for the 4 different monthly Limited Edition designs. They all come in Men's and Women's sizes and styles. 

We have really gotten some great response to these new designs and the idea of having different shirts every month, so we will continue to bring new and exciting ideas and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. It is awesome to be part of the overall design process and we would like to bring something different to the table that no one else does, and that is why we do these for a limited time. 

Knowing that the market on t-shirts can be very saturated, we know we have to keep ideas original and fresh. We have personally tested the quality of these shirts after several washes and they hold up very well. We know you will continue to purchase these from us, because they will last and stand the test of time! We are all about the quality with our products.

All of us at Geekbuds are ramping up to bring you those monthly awesome shirt designs, as well as the original quarterly new skate deck designs starting in the Spring. This is a great time to get into the skate scene and we will be releasing multiple other products this year, including sunglasses and a few surprise products. You can get some sneak peeks on our social media site on Instagram if you aren't already following, you should now! 

Thanks for all your support and we are super excited to see what 2017 has to bring!