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A New Chapter For GeekBuds Skateboarding

A New Chapter For GeekBuds Skateboarding

Some of you may know by now that we no longer are selling any emoji pillows, the line, the sister website for the emojis and that whole part of the brand how now officially been sold. Moving forward we are really focusing on our limited edition designs, monthly releases going in to 2017 and growing Geekbuds Skateboarding to the point where we can sponsor events around the country to help empower skaters and people living that life around the world.

Our next big challenge as a company will be really taking roots in our limited edition model. It's a lot more expensive for us as we charge very reasonable prices but with out mass producing our price is higher. Instead of passing the buck to our AMAZING customers we decided to eat the cost and take pleasure in not being the same as everyone else. High quality at an affordable price has never been easy but throwing in limited qualities and new reales EVERY 30 days. We are up for the challenge and look forward to sharing this journey with you.  Team GeekBuds is hard at work to bring you cool stuff every month.