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Self Employment For Stay At Home Mom(How to Start Working for Yourself)

Self Employment For Stay At Home Mom(How to Start Working for Yourself)

I have had several people ask me the question, how did you get into starting your own business-it seems like so much work? Yes, of course it is a lot of work, but consider the alternative-a job, working  for someone else making them lots of money and helping them with their dreams?

Before considering starting your own business, there are several pros and cons you should weigh before starting. Now me, personally I was a pharmacy technician for over 6 years and one day we came into our comfy jobs thinking we were safe and secure and they let us all go within a couple months. Sadly, with the economy nowadays that almost seems like the norm.

I was so lost, not knowing what I would do, so I had to get a plan quickly to supplement the income and benefits. I did get an unemployment check while looking for another job, but eventually that ran out and I still had no job. In the meantime, we found out our second baby was on the way, so it really wasn't practical for me to find another job at that point. Two and then Three kids in daycare at once would never work for most people due to cost and missing so much of their firsts.

So we had  to get a plan and quick. Well, we knew I would be at home at that point, so we researched ways to make money from home. Well, here is a little piece of advice, never google that and think you will find something easily to make extra money-if it seems too good to be true, it is! Well, at this point my husband was already at home/office and working on his e-commerce business, so we just incorporated what I could do to help with that, so I could be an asset to the company.

I have a creative side, so we decided I would be a designer of product, packaging, find products and be an all around go to person for my husband. It has been a fun experience and I love being with my children. It's nice to be able to attend their school activities and appointments. 

The pros for me for deciding to start my own business (or help out with my husband's business) have been being able to stay home with my kids or take them to and from school and activities, not having to punch in on a time clock, not having to answer to a boss, because I have goals and already know what I am supposed to get done for the day, week, or month. I would say I definitely prefer being home with my creativity instead of a job missing out on life, a standard job is not for me anymore.

I would say the cons of having your business would be for me personally, since I am home I get distracted pretty easily with housework and a very busy almost one year old little boy and a baby on the way. Also, another one of my biggest creativity flaws would be perfection. Sometimes when I am designing/creating I take way too much time on it when I could be getting other tasks done. Those are just a few things I need to work on improve. Time management I believe will help me with that.

I hope some of you can start working on your own business,  even if you just write down a couple goals on what you expect to achieve in a certain time period and a plan on how you want to get there. Yes, it will always be work, but like I said before would you rather be working for yourself or someone else? It's up to you. I believe you can do it if you want to!