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Skateboarding Into Your Home!

Skateboarding Into Your Home!

Here comes the latest  and greatest, newest edition to the Geek Buds Family, the Skate Buddy Skateboarding Social Pal! We are excited to announce the release of our new skate buddy very soon.

We are really trying to focus our products in the skateboarding niche currently and will be launching several new skate products this year as well. Skating has become such a popular thing because all you really need is yourself and the board. There are hover boards, cruiser boards, long boards and more that we would love to bring our creativeness and design to our own boards and products.

My husband used to skateboard a lot in high school and actually still enjoys cruising around for fun. This is definitely a passion of his that he wants others to also enjoy and through my own creativity, we would love to make our own products that would be different than others and still maintain great quality.

Skating is such a huge market, you see people skateboarding often and of all ages. We are so excited to get our products out there to others. We also have some hardware and kits available on our Geek Buds site now available to check out and purchase, but we will also be creating decks and more products this year so be on the look out! We will also be targeting the skate boarding market and see what they like or would like to see.

We think that skating ties into the lifestyle brand of Geek Buds, because we are striving to create products that are fun, geeky, or active and can bring people together. At first, lifestyle brand sounded like such a general topic to us, so we will really work on trying to define more off what that means to us this upcoming year.

We really would like people to feel like they are part of something through our products as well. My husband growing up while he was skateboarding felt like it was an outlet to get away from the real world and just enjoy doing something he liked to do. Also a good place to meet others that had the same interests as him.

We will definitely keep you all posted on the upcoming launches and look forward to getting out our new products to you right away!