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Love and Emojis are in the Air

Love and Emojis are in the Air

It's that time of year again! Hearts, love, xoxoxo, red and pink and roses, oh my! Yup you guessed it..Halloween! Just kidding! It's Valentine's Day of course! Well we have some great products to give your loved ones this Valentines Day over at GeekBuds.

We have some awesome heart and kiss emoji Plush such as our Heart Eyes Plush Pillow which is super soft, cute and cuddly. We have the Kiss Winking Light up Pillows and we even have each of those characters in our Key chain department. If you are tired of getting the same old chocolates and roses and would love to do something different and surprise your honey with a Super Soft Plush that they can enjoy a much longer time, then you are in the right place.

These products are great quality and fun for everyone, even a great Valentine gift for a little loved one, a child or niece or nephew. Lots of options for all ages. My kids sure love these. They especially love the pink, blue and purple princess poop plush pillows we just got in also! So much fun.  

We have more exciting new products coming very soon also. We just expanded our nerd line with a pink nerd girl with a bow emoji plush and got several nerd characters in also. Great nerdy couples pillows! They are definitely some of my favorite pillows and super cute! It has been so fun finding new products that we think that our customers would enjoy. 

Valentine's day is quickly approaching, and even if you don't have a date for that day you can also definitely treat yourself to one of our awesome products! The great thing about them is they aren't specifically just for Valentine's Day. They can also be out and about anytime of the year, because they are just cute and fun. Hearts and Kisses are for all year! 

Come and get your fun emoji product-only 2 shirt weeks til Valentine's Day! Make it a day to remember!