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Happy New Year 2016 Style!

Happy New Year 2016 Style!

Happy New Year 2016 Style!

Well, it is officially 2016 and we are so excited to see what this new year has to bring for life and to the life of our business, Geek Buds. We have a lot of new plans in store for this year and are working hard to achieve those goals.

We have our official Geek Buds exclusive skateboards coming very, very soon, as well as the release of our fifth Geek Bud plush character, which is skateboarding themed. Keep an eye out for these coming by Spring 2016. We have had a lot of interest in our skateboarding line, and want to perfect the quality and design for you to enjoy!

As you may know from the last post, we also have started our Funny Emoji line, which is doing very well and getting a lot of positive feedback. We will also be adding several custom products to the line this year and I am personally working hard to get those products out the quickest I can, because of the high demand.

We would also like to thank you for being so supportive of us starting our business in 2015. We really could not have done it without our loyal customers. You are the best and we look forward to the coming year sharing our products with you. Our kids have also been so supportive and helpful in us being able to follow our dreams, even if some sacrifices were made. They are also very excited to see what will come this year and come with us as we continue our business journey.

As some of you may know, we are also expecting our fourth child this year. We have an 8 year old, 5 year old, 9 month old and are due in May 2016. It can be very difficult at times, yet also rewarding starting a business in the midst of family life, but we are doing it and having fun! You really have to find different ways to multitask with your business, but also get everything done at home (the perfect balance), Sometimes a task may take a little longer than expected, but it will ultimately get done in the end and will be worth it. That is also a plus for working for can be somewhat flexible.

I’m sure some of you can relate with having kids and trying to work, or may even be a stay at home parent looking for something extra to do during the day. Well, if you want to start a business from home, I definitely recommend it, especially if you are already home and want to bring in some extra income. It can be a lot of work, but there is always something new you can learn and can always be doing something, no matter how small it may seem. Even it’s small you can daily contribute to starting your own business. You can even start with making a business plan and writing down some goals you would like to accomplish and a time frame for those goals. That is how I started and soon those little tasks got done and I kept doing a little more each day and it’s turning into a real business. I am really excited to keep building our business and see where it goes this year!

This will be the best year yet, because we are going to be positive, have lots of fun, and go places in life! It’s definitely what you make it and no matter what happens, we will make the best off every situation in 2016! Thanks for reading!