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Emoji Madness!

Emoji Madness!

We have recently decided to add our fun and exciting emoji line to our Geek Buds company and we are getting a great response with them. It really ties into the social aspect of our products, as well as the fun and geeky side.

There are many emoji plush products to chose from-many sizes and many characters and we look forward to adding several other products very soon. One of the most popular ones (the Pink Princess Poop) sold out super fast and we will be adding more colors of it as soon as they come in-we have them ordered and on the way, but with the holidays, it is taking a little more ship time for us to receive them. But we do realize the high demand and will get them as soon as possible.

Some of our other super fun emoji plush that are available are the 13” light up emojis and 13” storage emojis. They come in all different emojis such as the sunglasses, winking, happy tears, and several others you will have to check out. The light up emojis feature several multicolored LED lights inside the emoji, so you can even play with it in the dark! The storage ones come with a large zipper pouch and are great to hide your remote controls, ipads, books, be creative!

We also just got our new plush emoji clips/keychains in! There are 7 different kinds currently available while supplies last of course and they are super cute and cuddly. All are great gift ideas for anyone over 3 years old. They are made with an all new polypropylene material, almost like fleece, but even softer.

The emojis, in general are getting so popular these days with how we use technology and we thought that we could bring them to life through the emoji products. We even have a Geek Plush emoji pillow now! It was quite a process finding a supplier for the emojis we thought would do the best, and people would like the most. Feedback is always welcome if you would like to see other popular emojis or items as well. We always like to strive to create products that will bring happiness and fun to everyone.

It’s exciting to see all our new products now being sold and also working on and developing future products to make the best experience for our customers. We are really trying to get into the social  aspects of our products that all ages enjoy and want to make something different that everyone doesn’t already have. We would like to be one step ahead and also make our products with amazing quality, not just a cheap quantity. We are hand picking these types of products as if we were a customer and we personally were going to purchase them.

Our own children have tested these products (quality control we like to call it) and we must say the products do last and that’s how we know the quality is the best it could be. Many of the standard plush novelty pillows you can purchase now, at say a large chain store sometimes are not the best quality and fall apart quickly. They are not meant to last. We strive to find products that will last. I hope you are as excited as we are to see what is coming in the Geek Buds business!