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Launching and the Geek Buds Social Pal Process

Launching and the Geek Buds Social Pal Process

Well, it’s definitely an exciting time of the year when all the new products are coming out before the holidays and I’m so excited to announce we are now launching our new products/ lifestyle brand, Geek Buds! It has been a huge process to get where we are-a lot of time and work has been spent on coming up with all the elements: the logo, products, name and so much more, but it’s so worth it to have our very own products being sold and people enjoying them.

The process of our Geek Buds social pals took several months to complete. First, we had to design them which included me hand sketching several ideas until we figured out just the right 4 to get started with. Then we had to put my sketches on the computer to clean them up. At this point we had to figure out how we would physically make them. We had talked to several bigger companies with no luck.

We had finally decided we would buy our own custom fabric and I would sew and stuff them, sounds simple right? Of course starting out, this would be the quickest way to get product, as well as the most cost efficient. Once we got our fabric, I put them together, which took several tries since I had not used a sewing machine since high school, but I watched a few tutorials and figured it out fairly quickly.

Then, we had to figure out how to put our brand on them, so we designed our own sew tags, and care tags and found vendors to make both of those and had them made. We will continue to create and evolve our characters and products, and look forward to releasing them in the future.