We are proud to say we had the best Q4 yet, tons of new products launched. Many sold better than we thought and some were unbelievably successful! We thank all of our amazing customers! We are nothing without you :) We are currently doing our yearly redesign, as many of you know we now own and operate 6 sites selling our products and have limited distribution of a few in retail and pop up. We are making some huge changes for 2018 so we will be redoing the Geekbuds site in January.  We are going to come back on March the 5th with several new rollouts along with some big changes for the company overall. Check back then.

You can still purchase our products on all our other outlets over this 35 day period.

Any questions about orders or comments or concerns please email us here in the meantime.  Email Amanda (at) support@geekbuds.com